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Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The life of the reporter Eddie Brock went downhill from the very moment he tries to find a common language with the alien symbiote Venom, which has settled inside him. A whole year has passed since then, in mutual understanding Eddie and the symbiote have made some progress, but life is not at all what it was before. However, the hero is still thinking about how he can return to journalism and finally get down to business.

And then one day he comes up with an idea - to interview a psychopath named Cletus Kesady, who is in prison awaiting the death penalty. Moreover, this same Kasady thinks that he and Eddie have a lot in common - both have a difficult relationship with those they love.

However, during the execution, something unexpected will happen, and supervillain Cletus Kasady will manage to escape. And not alone, but with Carnage - a symbiote that settled inside him.

The second film with Tom Hardy as journalist Eddie Brock was directed by director Eddie Serkis at indofilm, who is actually a famous actor, but has already managed to shoot two such big films as the melodrama Breathe for Us and the Adventures of Mowgli.

Now in Venom 2, the main antagonist was played by Woody Harrelson, whose role was already hinted at in the scene after the credits of the first film. And Michelle Williams will continue to appear as Eddie Brock's love interest, Ann Weying.

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